EMERGENEERS for humanity

As a response to the Corona / Covid-19 crisis Icelandic designer Gudmundur Ludvik has joined forces with a team of designers, manufacturers and health care professionals to create new products to protect health care workers, patients and people on the front line.

You can go to gudmundurludvik.com to download the files free of charge. In fact manufacturers around the world are encouraged to download, manufacture and give/sell this product to hospitals and health care workers as no-one will have exclusivity for this design. For one functional face protection you need one protection shield + one adjustable headband.

Gudmundur Ludvik is a part of the Danish-Icelandic duo Welling/Ludvik that designed Pato, a multipurpose chair which is 100% recyclable and can e.g. be found on the cover of our newest Issue, HA10.


Øivind Slaatto, designer, initiator and founder of EMERGENEERS, Gudmundur Ludvik, designer, Jens Præstgård Møller / INGEMANN COMPONENTS, product-developer and manufacturer, Christian Lockenwitz, designer and Carsten Wohlin, designer.

María Kristín Jónsdóttir


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